Guide to pick best crossbow for the money of all ranges

Best crossbow for the money

It is hard to believe that in this modern age with advanced weapons, old weapons like crossbows are still alive. It is a reality that crossbows are just not still alive but thriving in the market hunting weapons. They offer short range high precision with no noise therefore lots of hunters like. Moreover, it is less expensive as compared to short guns and other modern hunting weapons. Crossbows can be used with wide range of arrows that allow hunters to catch lots of different animals with same weapon and technique. In medieval times, it was one of the most advanced weapons but with the passage of time it lost some respect. Now scientifically advanced material and the wide range of arrows have made the crossbows once again one of the most effective hunting tools.

There are different kinds of crossbows according to their material, size, strength, and price. It is not simple to select the best crossbow for the money because every hunter has its technique, arm length and eye level. Some of the best crossbows are listed here with their strong and weak points. You can select anyone of them according to your expertise, requirements and budget.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow

Barnett is one of the most famous manufacturers of the crossbow. This crossbow of Barnett is specially designed for starters. It is short sized crossbow with the draw size of 12 inches. The arrow velocity of this weapon is almost 315 feet per second which make it very effective to hunt big size animal from the short range. The complete package of Jackal crossbow contains a red dot, quiver, and few bolts. It is very easy to assemble them. They give instruction manual with the crossbow to make the assembling and handling easy for beginners. The price of this crossbow is slightly high, but the quality is also very high. If you are learning the art of hunting then it’s the best weapon to start with.

Buck Commander Extreme (BCX)

It is very sophisticated crossbow with lots of modern features. Barnett is the manufactures of this crossbow. Therefore, its quality is bound to be very high. It is made up of aluminum and carbon that make it very light. The weight of the weapon is just 7.1 pounds that make it lightest crossbow in the market. Though the weight of this item is low, it is durable and provides maximum control due to its smart design. The weapon can produce arrow speed of 360 feet per second, high enough to hunt any wild animal from close range. This is the best crossbow for the money if you are a professional hunter and want to improve your skills.

Ghost 410 Crossbow

If you are looking for an extremely powerful crossbow, then Ghost 410 is the best crossbow for the money. It can provide more than 410 feet per second arrow speed that will prove deadly for all kinds of wild animals. The price of this crossbow is not as high as its quality, power, and performance. The arrow size of this crossbow is of 22 inches that are reasonable enough to manage easily during hunting. The big size and high velocity of arrow allow deep penetration and make sure the successful hunting. The accuracy of this crossbow is not less than 60 yards, so it is deadly at short range and also effective at long ranges. Buy it if you are hunting freak and love to versatile wild animals.

All these items are best for versatile hunters. There are lots of other crossbows in the market, and you can search them on various websites. You can even purchase this weapon online, but it is recommended to get them in the face to face deal or shop from the highly reliable website because small manufacturing fault in this weapon can make them useless. There are some precautions of these weapons too. After purchasing any weapon like the cross bow, it is crucial to keep them away from children. It is recommended to keep them in locked closets and take them out only when required. Show some responsibility and enjoy your hunting experience with your friends and family.


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