Tips and Tricks on Recurve Bow Hunting

Recurve bow hunting

Tips and Tricks on Recurve Bow Hunting

Bow hunting has been a means to procure food for mankind for centuries. If you look at the larger scheme of events, bows have always been a more primitive means of hunting. Bow hunting has morphed into an art and a highly sophisticated sport over the decades. Today bow hunting is still practiced with a recurve bow. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you return with plenty of game in your sack after every recurve bow hunting expedition.

Learning to Hunt with a Recurve Bow

For those who favor the traditional patterns of bow hunting, a recurve bow is their best bet. The learning curve for this type of hunting is pretty steep and finding the perfect equipment can also be challenging, but the end results are worth the effort. You can benefit from this amazing art of hunting in quite a few ways.

Bow hunting becomes more of an instinct for veteran hunters after some time. Also, for many hunters, the bow offers more room for maneuverability and flexibility as more accurate shots can be placed in some postures such as lying down, twisting or crouching.

Another reason for amateur hunters to go for this particular type of hunting is that the equipment is cheaper and readily available in the market as compared to some other hunting gear. Bowhunting is more about aligning the body and mind to serve a single purpose. Once the target is in sight, every breath leaving the body and every step becomes directed towards it. Hunting is more like a synchronized dance between the predator and the prey- the finesse lies in how well the bow is used as an extension of the hunter’s body itself.

Types of recurve bows

The choice of the bow depends on the size of the animals that the hunter wants to bag home. If the animals are small in size like squirrels or rabbits, snap shooting is a possible choice because it is precise and effective. For a bigger game like Moose, bears and dear, recurve bows are the best option.

Hunters should always camp close to the trails so that they have a clear vision for about 20 yards.

Fiber optic equipment is usually not included in bow hunting gear; hunters may be required to stalk or trail after the prey.

Natural Factors to Consider

Light, vegetation, and the wind are also important factors. Early morning light is often the best light for bow hunting as the recurve bow shots are slower and have a tendency to fall in the last stages of the projectile.

One should never underestimate the power of nature during hunting. The wind can make or break a shot. Similarly, the light and shadow are decisive factors in making any hunting expedition successful. You wouldn’t want to chase after a wounded elk through the thick woods in the dark of the night.

Features of a good recurve bow for hunting

On an average, a recurve bow can cost anywhere between $200- $900. Used recurve bows are also available online for as low as $100.

With technology comes innovation, and now there is a huge controversy about the kind of materials that should be used in the making of recurve bows. Many old timers or veteran hunters insist that recurve bows be made from wood such as zebrawood, walnut or maple. Cedar wood is another favorite. Modern hunters beg to differ as they say that more sustainable materials such as fiberglass, carbon or aluminum. A compromise can be reached to satisfy both factions of recurve bow hunters, and that is by making bows from a combination of wood and modern materials. Carbon arrows are the best choice, hands down. They are usually 28 inches long and serve well with the average length of drawstring.


Overbowing is a no go. The equipment should always be chosen by following standard and recommended sets of guidelines. One should also resort to seeking expert advice on the subject. Even for physically robust hunters, heavy equipment is not a good idea because it weighs down the body, lowers reflexes and is taxing. Also, cumbersome equipment can cause injuries and build frustration in the hunters. 

Recurve bow hunting is like taking your hunting skills to a whole new level. If the hunters follow the above tips and tricks, they are likely to bag some good game home.


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