How to pick the best goose decoys for hunting?

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If you are going on a goose hunt, there is a lot of information that you might want to take with you. For beginners, the best tool to take along is the goose decoys. A wide variety of decoys are available these days and the beginners who are not aware of their importance in the first place might have to go through the trouble.

Before we begin with, it is important to understand what type of goose decoy would be best for you. The selection is influenced by the type of decoys available. The most common ones include windsock, shell, silhouette and full body. You may find other variety too.

Full body decoy

People like choosing the full body decoys because they seem to be more realistic. They are actually replicas of the real geese. The only problem with them is they are expensive and they can be difficult to carry. A pack of 6 decoys will cost you more than $200.

Shell decoy

Shell decoys are molds of geese made out of a shell. You can set them on the ground or get stakes to hold them. Stakes can also encourage movement. You can easily store them and transport them even if they are more in number. They are not costly, you can get them for $10 to $20 per piece.

Wind sock decoy

They are also an important form in the list of Goose Decoys for Sale. The body of the decoy is made from plastic or any other type of fabric. It has the head of a goose going through a stick. You don’t really need the wind to make the decoy effective because you are required to fill the air in the decoy for making it look full. Wind is only required for adding movement. They are less costly, easy to transport and store. You can get one piece in just $5. In case you want to store them, then fold them and place in a plastic storage tote.

Silhouette decoy

It might sound that this type of decoy is cut in the shape of a duck, but that’s not the case. They are made from heavy cardboard material and you can also find them in wood and metal. They can be effective in hunting, but they are not as real as other options available. They can get fragile easily because of the material they are made from. They are inexpensive; you can get them between $5 and $15.

Understanding how the decoys work

Once you have chosen the type of goose decoy needed, the next thing you must worry about understands how they work. You have to create a flock of geese to invite other geese for resting and eating. Geese love following other geese for the purpose of protecting themselves. If you have a number of decoys gathered at one place, then the flock of geese flying far away might even notice the decoy. Remember that they number of geese decoy should be moderate because if the area is overcrowded, it can cause competition for food and space.

How many goose decoys to use?

It is recommended to use 12 decoys for each group. The idea is to create the area attractive to the flock of geese who are passing by. The number of decoys to choose also depends on the amount of space available. Keep in mind the geese prefer landing a little distant from the group of decoys so you don’t want the set of decoy to take up the whole space. When making a group of 8 decoys, group them 3 to 4 feet apart. The groups should be separated about 10 feet apart.

Never place the decoys close to the cover or hiding place for creating ease of shooting the prey. This trick does not work now because geese tend to stay away from the places that have big covers. Hunting is never easy even if you are taking the geese decoys with you. The hunter has to be mindful about his position and other things that aid in catching the prey and taking the right aim.

It is recommended to look for Goose Decoys for Sale so that you can buy just enough staying within the budget. 


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