The Top Best Turkey hunting videos

Turkey hunting videos

Hunting has its roots in pre historic times when people live in Stone Age. To meet basic daily necessities of life hunting was done. It is 21st century now, people do not need any of such practices but they do. They do it for fun, take it as recreational activity. Turkey is among those beloved animals that hunters rush for shoot. To shoot a turkey, feeding fields and roosts are established in various regions of the world. They not only help professional to do fun but also provide room for new hunters for making practice.

Best habitat:

Turkey habitat is designed by experts and land managers. Just like the mostly living creature needs, turkey also need food, shelter and water for survival. Many people said that they need chunks of unbroken timbers but this is not true. Roosting comprises of trees that are needed by turkeys. Mostly non forested land is their habitat. So to get a good shoot of turkey, some Turkey Hunting Videos are very helpful in identifying their habitat.  It is better to have a knowhow about turkey habitat before going for any proceedings.

Best season to hunt:

Hunting is more fruitful and productive if done in the season start. This provides a lot of animal and to practice your skills. The best season is the spring start for its hunting. If it is spring season, then turkeys are gobbling.  Any gobbler or without hen is a perfect choice for hunting. The time when hatching is done by female turkey is best to hunt. At some places, not always spring season is waited to come for hunt, and hunting is done regardless of the climate.

Scouting a place:

This is crucial to accomplish the task. Locate turkey signs in the habitat, stay quiet and listen wings flapping, see them while settling, as they move from branches to branches. After some break, go to them with a gun. After sneaking in, see the birds without spooking them. If everything is quiet, setup the gun range for birds.

Setting your place & calling:

Always set up your place where the birds are flying down. It may be a Pasture corner or the edge of ridge top.  Look for open shooting lane where gobblers are frequent to come in. seat with the back of trunk facing that spot and call them.    Decoy is helpful in calling them. For some situations, portable blinds are productive. Spring gobbler hunters learn how to call them. Famous two calls that can kill plenty of turkeys are plain clack, and hen yelp. Others sounds are also there to learn. Many Turkey Hunting Videos offer learning practices.

Hunting accessories:

There are many things needed for hunting a turkey and hunter has to carry them along. Flash lights, strikers, calls, shells, water, maps and decoys. A good turkey vest is needed to keep all these essentials. Leather or cordura boots are necessary for long walks and also make you comfortable.

Turkey gun:

Despite of many shotguns used as traditional weapons, special turkey guns are designed to dedicate this hunting. Turkey is a hard bird that need shotgun to kill. Typical shoot guns range to 40 yards and closer. Dedicated Turkey guns are designed to deliver a tight shot of usual hunting distances. Turkey guns and modern shot guns can stretch up to 50 yards.

Turkey guns are of shorter barrels of 26 inches. Its pistol grip is more comfortable and reliable. Due to turkeys’ wariness and incredible sight demands more practice.

Use of decoys:

Quality decoys are used to take perfect shot of turkey. Gobbler pay attention to it and it is a way spot that is necessary to make good shoot. Decoys must be chosen in accordance to the type of bird. Bow shooting for turkey is better of about 20 yards.

Turkey hunting is an amazing experience that is merely a fun to do. There are many Turkey Hunting Videos available that help greatly in this Endeavour. Some rules are important before going for Turkey hunt. Turkey permit and hunting license is needed everywhere. Though, turkey hunting regulations differ from one region to another. Turkey hunting equipments also vary from one place to another. 


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