Elk hunting tips: The guide for beginners

Elk hunting tips

Elk hunting is a tricky task to do and if you are not pretty familiar with the hunting, you are likely to put yourself in trouble. The elk hunting is a critical task and there are numerous things that you need to keep your eye at. If you want to achieve success in this sort of hunting, you need to keep your eye at certain things. Here I am going to mention the elk hunting tips from an expert hunter who has spent most of his life in various forests hunting different animals. Read them carefully as they will be of great help if you are going to hunt an elk.

Positioning yourself

A lot of hunters will say that it is your own approach that how you are going to hunt an elk. Some people like to take the position where they can feel safer while others may be ready to take the risk and go for the positions where they expose themselves a bit. However, there are certain factors that you need to consider while taking the position.

Setting up too tight is perhaps the biggest mistake that the elk hunters do while positioning themselves. In this case, if an elk spots them and run in to them, they are left with no choice rather than running. It is because as they have themselves too tight, there is just a little room for them to take the shot. So in this case, when the elk is coming in, they are not likely to find sufficient space so that they can take an effective shot. Particularly when it comes to the tree tops, a lot of hunters jump into it. So when a bull comes at them, they are not able to shoot as the arrow gets stuck into the tree limbs. Thus, take a bit open position so that you can adjust accordingly.

Hunting elk with a buddy

It is always a good strategy to hunt with a buddy. It has been seen that many people are out there that like to hunt alone. This may not be as effective as buddy hunting. It is because when you are hunting with someone, you are likely to get a better shot. It is because in such case, one can call the elk while the other may get into the position to take the shot. Especially when it comes to the people who are doing both bow hunting and gun hunting, you will surely like this method.

The caller will be calling the bull near you. He will be responsible to perform such actions and get into a position so that the bull can come close to you. If this happens, you will be able to get a brilliant shot and it will surely take down the elk.

Calling in aggressively

Many people will argue with the fact that every hunter adopts different calling technique. However, for the elk hunters, an aggressive approach while calling in your elk will be more effective. It is good if you are 500 to 600 yards away and start calling the bull. Move a bit closer (about 100 yards) and keep calling him. The closer and tighter you get the better chances there will be for you to take the animal down.

Scent elimination

The elks are having a great sense of smell. So people are likely to use the scent elimination technique. However, this approach is not as successful as you think. Mostly, the scent eliminations do not work on the elks. So you need to think a bit different. It is not like you must not use this stuff at all. Use it if you want as it may be able to provide you and edge.

Your movement

This is probably the most important one among elk hunting tips. When the bull is coming in towards you, you need to keep this thing in mind. The elks are having a very powerful sight. So you must not move a lot as the bull is coming in towards you. If you opt to move a lot, it will make things difficult for you. The best time when you can take the shot is while you are a hard target for the elk to see. 


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