Types of bows and choosing the right one

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Bow is the weapon which is meant for projecting arrows. They have been used for thousands of years for war and hunting. Now due to technological advancements, many new bows and hunting equipment have been created for hunting and other sports competitions.

Types of Bows

Listed below are the common types of bows available:

  • Longbow

It is one of the oldest types of bows available. It has been there for ages, but the usage of the bow became common in the middle ages. It is made from a single piece of natural wood. It is same in length as the height of the user of the bow. It does not come with accessories, so it is tough to master it. The advantage is that it gives a quick response in the shooting. The shooting is light and it lets you shoot quietly. In case you want to use it, then it is recommended to learn the right technique and get started.

  • Recurve bow

This bow was commonly used in Asia. The bow tips a curve away from the archer when it is unstrung. These days, it is commonly used in Olympics and similar other competitive events. If you are a beginner, you will start your archery lesson with it. It is capable of storing more energy than any other straight limbed bow. You will find it handy in those environments where it is cumbersome to use a longer bow.

  • Compound bow

It is the modern type of bow that works on the levering system that is a combination of cables and pulley for bending the limbs. It is the advance type of bow and its performance is not influenced by humidityor temperature. It is capable of providing better velocity, accuracy and distance. This bow was very first introduced in the late 60s. It is also one of the most prominent types of bows that are used in North America. Bow hunters prefer to use it than any other bow. It helps you in making an aim without applying any force.

  • Crossbow

It comes with a bow which is mounted on the stock used for shooting projectiles. Bolts are used as projectiles. Now many modern changes have been introduced in the crossbows to enhance their performance.

Many different brands of bows and archeries have been introduced that are famous throughout the world. Mathews Archery is one of them. You can find archery in the finestcraftsmanship with them. It is famous among hunters and professionals alike. It is better to buy Mathews Bows for Sale in case you find them expensive.

Hunting is not just a profession for the adults, but also for young ones. Among the wide variety available, there is a huge variety for children too. The genesis bows are best for children who are in the beginning stage of learning how to enjoy this sport. The genesis bows have been designed for fitting the level of children. These bows can be drawn from 15 and 30 inches. It is capable of adjusting to varying drawings. There are even special types of bows available that are meant for female children. Similarly, you can also find bows for right handed and left banded people.

Choosing the Right Type of Bow

It is important to buy the right bows. Here are some of the features that make the bows best in use:

  • The bow must be light in weight so that you can ease hunting whether you are doing it in tournaments or for fun. If the weight of the bow is high, then it is going to influence the accuracy of the archer. If the weight is light, it will provide you balance and accuracy in performance.
  • The best bows are the ones that require less maintenance. The easier they are to maintain, the more durable they are going to be.
  • The bow should be quieter. Other features include harmonic damping, v lock cups, weight camp and more.

If you have found Mathews Bows for Sale, it is recommended to choose the bow which is best in case you are a beginner in the sport. You have to be sure that you have chosen the right type of bow because it will influence your performance. 


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