Tips to master snow goose hunting

snow goose hunting

Those have dealt with snow geese before would know that they are fast learners and they have the ability to get wary in case they are hunted. They like to travel in large flocks and before landing to a specific place, they like to examine the place for its dangers and feed. If you have ever been on snow goose hunting, you might have realized that they are quite difficult to locate because of their nomadic lifestyle.

Hunting snow goose requires a lot of hard work and you have to be familiar with some specialized set of strategies for this purpose. If you successfully get to learn the tricks, the hunting will become quite rewarding for you. The experienced hunters suggest going on a few outdoor experiences for learning about their setting and how to use decoys for inviting the geese.

In case you are looking for some tips on hunting, here are some of the most important ones to begin with:


If you don’t look for the birds, you will never find them. Therefore, like any other type of hunting, you are required to scout. Experts recommend even watching the snow line. Many hunters now rely on the stuff that is available online in order to learn more about scouting, but nothing is better than going on real-time scouting. Look for birds on the wetland or lakes and study their activities. If you take these preliminary steps, then a lot of time and frustration will be saved.

Conceal yourself

When you are hunting, how can you neglectto concealyourself?This is particularly important when it is the snow season and you have to hide well. Use the ground blinds that conceal you from all angles and make sure you spread the decoys carefully. Sometimes, it is better to leave the ground blinds and use the best whiteclothes for hunting. The facemask is necessary too.


Althoughdecoys are important, but you don’t literally need hundreds of them to spread around and successfully hunt the birds.All you need is a respectable amount that is best in quality. Thedecoys have to be spaced properly at the distance of 3 to 4 feet. This will make the spread look much natural even from a distance and it will obviously attract the birds.

Create movement within the decoy

You don’t need still decoys, you need to create movement within them too for making it all appear natural. Use flags and flyers for increasing motions. It will create an illusion that snow is landing and the geese are leaping on each other for feeding.

Learn about the geese more

Snow geese like to return to the places where food is exhausted. The problem is that they have a great memory and they never come back to the place where they had been shot before. They might settle to a field after 2 to 3 hunting successfully.

OtherTips to Consider

  • It is recommended not to over-call. Calling is a good option when you are reaching for a single bird.
  • Some hunters start shooting when the birds are in the landing. If you want to shoot the most birds, you have to wait till all the birds are on the ground.
  • In case you are coming with a bunch of other hunters, agree on the fields before shooting otherwise you will miss out opportunities if you are aiming at the same bird.
  • Keep your focus on one bird at a time.
  • With the right tips and strategies, it will not take you much time to master the hunting.

The best time to be in the field is either late afternoon or early evening. The snow geese come to the field for feeding during the evening before roosting on the water. In you are in the field during that time, it will offer you the best shooting opportunities. During the migration season, you can choose to go for hunting during the early morning times. Do not wait too long or shoot too early. Everybody hopes that a large flock comes and sets down to the decoy, but that does not happen ideally. Just know when the right time to take a shot is. With these simple techniques, snow goose hunting will become enjoyable.  


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