Top tips and tricks for mule deer hunting

mule deer hunting

Mule Deer is a famous wildlife animal of North America. It is closely related to white tales deer and distantly related to black-tailed deer. Some species of Mule Deer are also present in Argentina. The word mule in its name came from its ear shape that resembles mule's ears. Mule Deer hunting is very popular in North America. In some regions, its hunting is necessary for the survival of people in those regions. The average weight of a full grown mule deer is 300 pounds, and it runs very fast. Moreover, these animals are highly adaptive that allow them to run in remote areas to stay away from hunters. All these features of Mule Deer make its hunting very challenging even with the modern weapon. There are some very important techniques and tricks that can help you to hunt this animal, some of these tricks are listed here for you to read.

Glass Them Patiently

The first thing you need to do for Mule Deer hunting is practicing patience. You have to wait for hours to get a clean shot of a grown Mule Deer. In some cases, you may have to wait for days. Start your adventure very early in the morning and it will be better to get a high position before the first light of morning appears. Mule Deer feed during the night and they move back to their bedding areas early in the morning. The possibility of spotting them is highest at that time. Higher ground will allow you to see the wider region and of course binocular are necessary for this purpose.

Look for the Shadow

It is almost impossible to hunt Mule Deer during the night. Therefore, it is recommended to try only in daylight. The best strategy to spot a Mule Deer is to look for its shadow. Shadows start growing with the sunrise and after few hours of sun raises their size get maximum. This is your best time to spot the animal. The second best time to spot the animal is when the sun is about to set. But in this case, you have to wait for the next to shot the animal.

Wait for The Right Time

Spotting the animal is one thing and shooting it effectively is another art. You should be close enough to Mule Deer to make your shot count. Remember that one miss shot can alert all animals in the vicinity, and you may not get any second chance for the next few hours at least. You should spot their bedding area before making any move, once you spotted the bedding area, it will be easy to get close to Mule Deer because they spend the better part of their day in or around their bedding area.

Remain Physically Prepared

It is very hard to predict the nature of animals. Mule Deer usually run away from the danger, but they can also attack you in some cases. Moreover, there are all kinds of animals in the wild, and some of them can hurt you seriously. Besides this hunting require serious physical activities like crawling, running and climbing. That is why you have to remain physically prepared all the time. Opportunity or threat can come at any time. If you are not 100 percent, then it will be better to wait for your recovery. Make decision wisely not emotionally.

It is right to say that hunting is a patience game and who is ready to do it comes out as a winner. It will be better for you if you do Mule Deer hunting in a group of minimum three to four people. It will allow you to tackle emergencies, and you can glass the animal in turns to save energy. After hunting the Mule Deer, taking its body home is an uphill task, and one or two persons can’t do it. Hunting of Mule Deer can continue for days, so it is crucial to have enough food supplies, tent and other such things. Stay alert, don’t lose hope, remain patient and enjoy you hunting, these are the best things that you can do to make your hunt successful.


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