Choosing the perfect longbow for sale

Longbow for sale

Choosing the perfect longbow for sale

Since ancient times, bows have been the best tools for hunters in the wild. These sleek weapons were crafted from the finest wood and made into something so marvelous and stealthy that they served as a lethal extension of the hunter. Bows are hand crafted pieces of art created by the finest craftsmen. It is for this reason that these slim looking weapons are stable, precise, agile and very strong.

The discerning factor that makes a bow the perfect companion for a hunter in harsh, wet or dry environment is the wood it is made up of. Bows, either long bow or flat bow, are crafted from the finest pieces of wood and have the capacity to shoot an arrow at a very long range. They are designed to be highly flexible and do not flatter under the harsh wear and tear of years spent in the woods chasing after prey.

Modernization and technology may have led to mass production of arrows but that certainly doesn’t mean that the art of creating the perfectly balanced bow has become obsolete. Pacific yew is the wood used to make a standard long bow for sale.Since olden days, yew is used to make tools of archery. This wood is the perfect amalgamation of heartwood and sapwood. Where heartwood provides the power and ability to the wood to return back to its normal shape, the sapwood prevents the heartwood from breaking and it serves to enhance the beauty of the overall wooden design. In simple words, heartwood is the power of the bow while sapwood is the protector and beautifier of the bow.

Features of the perfect long bow

A longbow is the bow that allows the hunter to throw heavy hardwood arrow with a heavy steel point across a couple of hundred yards, piercing armor or something as strong as leather or hide. These bows are taller than any other archer’s bows and are thin in their width to provide sharpness and precision. Following the classic design of conventional bows, their cross-section takes the shape of a D. These bows are very thick but the D shape of the bow prevents it from breaking down or allowing pressure at a to accumulate at a single point of the bow. This prevents cracking of the bow under the weight of the wood. This D shape allows the forces of the curve to be divided into equal parts of the bow making it appear lighter than it actually is. The draw weight of these long bows is much harder than that of a regular bow making it impossible for a recreational archer to attain the drawpower of this caliber.  The ancient remains of archers are being examined and this proves the point that using longbow is not an easy feat.

How to buy longbow for sale?

Longbows are one of the heaviest bows to carry around and hunting with them is certainly not easy so if you want to buy a longbow for sale make sure you have the necessary training to use it too. Longbow today is available in many materials other than yew wood. These materials are light but sturdy. Care must be taken in the choice of the material otherwise the bow may crack under its own weight. Measure the draw weight for the long bow according to your height and physique with the help of various charts available online. This will help you be more precise and fruitful in your search.

Affordable longbows

Longbow for sale are often available as second hand archery equipment. You can get them online easily and channel in some expert advice to land a good deal. The design and material plays an important part in the overall performance of the long bow so make sure to focus on that rather than the brand and price tag of the bow.

Look for ancient longbows or bows made a decade or two ago. These longbows are made from yew wood or some other sturdy wood material that is a far cry from the material used today to make longbow. This wood makes them heavy but it would make for a very good bow that will last longer than any other bow available online. 


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