Some coyote hunting tips for all those hunters out there!

coyote hunting tips

Many people love to hunt coyotes; however hunting is a fine art and it should not be taken lightly. To be a successful hunter, you need to know some coyote hunting tips. Like when to go out to hunt, how to position yourself, how to position your rifle etc. If don’t follow these coyote hunting tips, there is a high chance that you might now be able to catch them after all! Peopleoften hunt coyotes for their pelts but they are also hunted since they normally end up damaging things. Coyotes will eat anything that moves and so people often hunt them!

Some tips and tricks for you to follow!            

The most important thing for a predator hunter is a good wind. If the wind is in your favor while you hunt there is a good chance, it will notdisclose your location. It is better if you don’t even attempt predator calling on a real windy day, as it makes the hunting process even more difficult! If the wind is fierce, then the Coyotes will stick to their covers.

Remember to always hunt in places where the coyotes are present, theallure to coyote to come to you. And when it shows up to make the shot count, remember only take the shot when you are sure that you can kill it. If two coyotes come to you, don’t pass on the coyote close to you in hopes that you’ll kill both. You’ll just end up with nothing. 

Understand their behavior!

Coyotes are nervous animals; if you have thrown something to allure,they do know that they would be very alert. Theywill stop to look around but don’t worry they’re just checking things out.If a coyote stops,if it isn’t facing you, don’t hurry and shoot, it still will come. If it sits down facing you, it means that he has come this far and is not willing to move any farther. So, if the shot is possible, then shoot. If it turns around there is a chance that he might have caught your scent, take a shot if possible. Remember the calmer you stay the better.

So when is the best time to hunt coyotes!

So when the wind picks up the coyotes seek cover,when it is hot they dotheir hunting at night. It is better tohunt them after a storm. The ideal day would have minimal wind, a cool temperature and would be just after a storm.

Before hunting, it is better if you are prepared!

You should have a Predator Hunting Camo, these camouflage patters work really well. Use different camo patterns to add more concealment. If there is snow on the ground, then turn to using a snow camo. Predator hunting camo is a must have! Always make sure that you have all of your coyote hunting gear for the trip. See that you have your rifle, shooting sticks, a mouse squeaker and a watch with you. Take your gun sling, rifle case,shot gun, spare clothes and boots. You will also need a Coyote Tote, a Hitch Skinner and a knife.

Just be relaxed and focused!

The best coyote call in the market is one that sit best in your mouth and ones that can produce the sounds you want. While hunting, you should have control of the rifle. Make sure that your muscles are relaxed and your aim should be focused, try to be accurate. You can even use ashotgun, however, keep both of your eyes open, and have the right stance and a good grip.

Where can you find Coyotes easily?

During summers, coyotes could be almost anywhere, but during the winter coyotesare where livestock are being wintered.Go to areas where the mountains start to turn into the valleys, or search for them near around water sources. Look for tracks; see if you can see any scats as Coyotesmark their territory with scat piles. Another way is to take your howler, and let out a howl, you’ll hear them howling back, indicating where they are.

Hopefully, these coyote hunting tips will help you out while you go hunting!


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