Modern & versatile recurve bow string

recurve bow string

Bow is of two types, straight and recurve. It is called limbed bow because of having limbs at both ends. A recurve bow is in-built of more energy and delivers more as compared to straight limbed. It is a bow that have limbs but when unstrung they curve away from the archer. Recurve bow offer comfort ability and are more reliable as compared to large and heavy weapons, particularly if the hunter has to go far off places. These are somewhat noisy while shooting. It is deeply rooted in pre historic times and was a standard weapon in Rome.

Materials used:

A composite bow is a traditional one that is made up of different materials. They may be wood, horn, sinew, and laminated. In a laminated bow, different materials were laminated together. Wood and fiberglass were used in this type of raw materials. Archery modified later, and the term coined as Recurve Bow String. Advanced technology is used in its manufacturing; carbon, foam wood, fiberglass multiple layers, etc.  Bow string is among the components used in modern recurve bow.

Bow components:

Recurve Bow is further comprises of some fundamental components that are limbs, string, and riser. A bow is useless without its string. Vibration, noise creation, and tuning are all due to the bow string. It makes a profound impact on them.

String materials:

Wax lined strings, were notable in the west during past 600 years. Cotton, horsehair, silk, catgut, rawhide and Chinese glass fiber were also used. After 1950, natural materials were replaced by synthetic materials i.e. polyester. These are proved to be more reliable than the natural materials; in moisture-proof ability, temperature absorbing capacity and in reliability. Recurve Bow String ensures strength, lightweight, and abrasion resistance. The commercial bow should always be used whether unstringing or stringing any bow.


Smaller or larger size throat nocks are used on the string by experienced hunters. Serving diameter is also adjusted accordingly. This ensures correct & predictable nock tension. Nock tension enables the arrow to hang off while on a strung bow. This is achieved on the parallel string hung to the ground. String mass weight shows off for even a small change in a string. Nocking points and kisser buttons are string accessories that must be chosen with caution.

 How to choose:

There are fewer bow strings that are pretty beneficial to use. To choose among them is a skill that offers better shoot ability. Rubber pad pressure like Recurve Bow String is recommended. This pad is built on the top limb while a nonmoving cup is present on the lower limb. New bows that have never been strung before are needed to strung one time and left overnight to settle.   It is the way of getting them stretched and became more consistent.

Modern Recurve Bow Strings:

Recurve shooters must go around and search the best among all. Main string material is Dacron that was used and at present also. Dacron string has the polyester center serving and Dyneema loop. They offer ultimate grip and are much durable. Twisted limbs on Recurve Bows are eliminated by the Limbsaver Recurve bow. Its rubber pressure pad is nonslippery that helps greatly in stringing and unstringing the bow. This limb saver also has a type of heavy weight bow stringer. It comprises of an extra long lower limb pocket.

Leather recurve protector is one of its kind and class. It is protection for recurve tip, slip it on and offer good protection.

Flex recurve bow string, reign Custom Recurve String, spare string for Mybo, Avalon Tec one string, are among high quality, affordable and most demanded among all types. Pro Recurve Bow String is offering the high performance to recurve shooters. Multi color, come in plastic tubes, poly braided material are being used in its manufacturing. This ensures greater protection.

Flex Supra premium Recurve Bow Strings are on a preference of archers from over the entire world. They yield better results and of high quality. They use best quality fibers available, are affordable and also look great. They are fast flight and excellent shooting oriented bowstrings.

Many replacement strings are also available as accessories on demand if someone want to better look or replacement purpose.


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