How to select the best duck hunting waders

duck hunting waders

Duck hunting waders are the waterproof boots or suits that extend from the feet to the chest. Usually vulcanized rubber is used to make these waders but in latest design of waders, neoprene, Gore-Tex, and PVC are also used to make them more elastic and durable. These waders are used for various purposes like duck hunting, lake cleaning, lake searching and other such intentions. It is important to have a pair of waders if you live near a lake because you may need to go into the water. Waders are available in lots of different styles, designs, shapes, textures and sizes. It is tricky to select the best one for you. Here is a list of most popular waders for duck hunting. You can select any one of them according to your requirements.

Lacroose Swamp Waders

This is the professional type of wader, and if you love to hunt ducks regularly, then it is for you. This wader is made up of the bidirectional fabric of Brush Tuff. Its buckles and straps are very sturdy. Its special seal provides ultimate protection from water. It has several pockets to carry stuff for hunting. It comes with the hand warmer so that you can keep your hands warm during winter. Its extra large pouch allows hunters to carry the full box of the shell with them. To provide extra security and safety in the water, this wader has contours that prevent the hunters from slipping in water. This wader is the complete package for professional hunters.

Bean's Waterfowler Waders

This wader has four layers of protection. It is made up of microfiber fabric that can keep it leak free for years. This wader is stitch free therefore it is 50 times more reliable than other waders. This wader is good for hunting in those lakes that possess a reasonable amount of acidic water. Boots of this wader is made up of ultra insulated 1.2 kilograms of Thinsulate that give hunters extra comfort and security from slipping. Some complementary features of this wader are handwarmer, chest pouch, pockets for duck call and shells, adjustable wading belt, sturdy straps, and articulated knees. All these features of this wader make it best for high-class hunters who can afford expensive waders.

Banded Redzone Breathable Wader

This is a more casual type of duck hunting waders and works best for the part timer who hunts ducks just to spend quality time with their friends and family members. It is made up of modern polyester that makes it very secure and durable. To give extra comfort to hunters these waders comes with the reinforced knees and seat. It is easy to wear as it comes with side zippers and adjustable straps and suspenders. It is specially designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. It is good for you if you live in the area with harsh weather conditions.

Camo Waders

The main specialty of these warders is their color combination that is designed to make you disappear in the eyes of ducks. These waders come with all complementary features like several pockets, chest pouch, and hand warmer. Additionally it also has the back support to give extra comfort to hunters. Its boots are made up of poly-fleece that provides insulation, warmth and protection to feet. These waders are best for starters because it allow hunters to go as near to the ducks as they can to aim for the best shot.

All these duck hunting waders have their specialties, and now you know that what features a pair of waders can possess and which features your wader must have. These waders keep the feet and body warm, and they become more crucial for the hunting of ducks during winter. A nice pair of waders can survive for years, and they don’t wear out easily, for that reason there is no harm in keeping a pair in the closet as you may need it anytime. You can get high-quality waders from online stores like Ebay, Basspro, Mackspw, Amazon and Gandermountain. Some first class waders are reasonably expensive therefore it is essential to make the right choice at the first time otherwise you may lose serious amount of money. 


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