Top 5 goose hunting tips for beginners

goose hunting tips

Goose hunting is one of the most popular and challenging activity among waterfowl hunters because this bird does not only give a hard time to the hunter but also give delicious food to the successful ones. It is very hard to master the art of goose hunting, and it took years to become a professional goose hunter who can hunt them at any time at any place. Here you will find some goose hunting tips that can help beginners to get some success easily.

Mentally prepare yourself

First of all, you have to work on your patience. The art of shooting comes after the art of patience, and it is an old saying that good things come to those who wait. If you want to get maximum successful, then prepare yourself for all kinds of circumstances. Sometimes you may need to wait for hours to get a single view of a goose. To overcome this situation, you must have enough supplies for eating and drinking. It is recommended to bring a friend with you for hunting because lone hunters are not that successful in this sport.

Calling technique is crucial

You have to realize that gooses are not coming to you if you don’t call them in their language. There are two different way of goose calling. The one way is called as short reed calling. In this calling, you have to produce loud but sharp voice to attract goose. The second type is the high pitch calling. The high pitch type of goose calling is normally used in the windy days. There are some devices available in the market that can help you in goose calling. It is better to go with short reed calling because it is their normal way of communication, and there are more chances to get a response to this calling. If one way doesn’t work then switch to other way but give one way enough time before switching.

Keep the head down, stay still

If you see the goose, then the best technique is to stay still. Goose can identify you as threat, so it is better to keep the head down. You should wear a hat to hide. This is the point where the personal skills come forward. You need to learn to aim at the birds while keeping the head reasonably down. If you are not good in this, then wear the mask. The next thing is to keep the whole body still because a slight movement can alert the goose, and once they are gone they will not come to the same place again. This is one of the simplest goose hunting tips, but it is the most crucial one.

Wait for lowering of temperature

When the temperature goes down a goose, tend to lay down and come to the earth. Usually, it is the 20 degree Celsius temperature that bring the goose down. At this time, you need to spread you decoys smartly. You can spread all available decoys at those spots where you feel the temperature is low.

Use the right decoy

There is no shame in using decoys as some hunters feel. Decoys are the best way to get a large number of gooses because they don’t make noise, and you can catch the goose even when you are sleeping. Even if you love to shoot the goose, it is better to spread the decoys to stay safe and make the day useful. There are several decoys available on the market. You can select the one that you can handle easily because almost all of them work fine.

All these goose hunting tips can help you to get some respect in the community of waterfowl hunters. The best way to learn hunting is by practicing it. You should practice it frequently to master your act. You can practice the art to staying still even in your bed. If you can stay still for a long time, then you can hunt any bird in the world. You will also need to improve your shooting skills because goose does not trap in the decoy every time and sometimes you need to shoot the goose.


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