Duck decoys for hunting Is the best ancient idea ever and is still used

Duck decoys for sale

Using decoys for hunting waterfowl is a trick that has been used since a long time. Native Americans could use just about anything that came in their hands and they used turned it into something useful. When this idea was introduced, cattails and various grasses were the materials used to create decoys. They used to create floating decoys to help during the time of hunting waterfowl. By doing this, they can lure the duck to their nesting locations and trap the birds by several different methods such as by using bows, arrows or nets. 

The Native Americans were the masters of inventing such things and hunting waterfowl. Most of all, they were also aware of various flight patterns of these birds which made it easy to take measures before catching one. From many years, duck decoys are being used in hunting the ducks. Just like baits are used in fishing, these decoys are used as baits for hunting down ducks. Being successful in hunting the birds is something very complicated as without any knowledge and baits you won’t be able to attract them for hunting.

The number of decoys used

You should be completely aware of how to use the duck decoys, where to use them and most importantly when to use. When it comes to buying them you can find these duck decoys for sale at any outlet near your house. Before buying them, you need to be sure of how many you would require for hunting. There is always a specific amount used which is not too much and not too less. The trick learnt from using the decoys can only be mastered with experience and practice.

Placing the duck decoys at the appropriate place

Placing the decoys in such a place where they look natural and real is the right thing to do. Some people do not know how to properly use them. Placing more decoys does not mean that it will attract more ducks rather it would make the ducks conscious about the decoy gathering. This might happen because the gathering of ducks usually has ducks that spread their wings quite often but decoys aren’t real. An unusual number of decoys can alarm the waterfowl and they will automatically stay away.

But the question still remains, how many decoys to place? The hunters always debate on the number of decoys and their sizes. Some say the number of four to six is just enough rather than going for more than this. This is the usual size of the family of ducks. You can also observe the number of other ducks around the area you are planning to hunt so that you can place the decoys in an obvious and natural manner.

What type of duck decoy to use?

Another thing that comes in the mind after solving the mystery of the number of decoys is what type of duck decoy to use? Since the advent of duck decoys, there is a huge variety to choose from. Now, there are hundreds of types of duck decoys for sale that you can get from anywhere. These are available in the market at very affordable prices so that one can purchase them easily. There are a lot of options to choose from. You can start looking from the still duck decoys to the motor decoys as well.

The next thing you will be wondering about is that which type of duck decoy would be best for your hunting game? Apart from the type of decoys, first check what types of ducks fly around the area. With the type of ducks flying around and swimming in the waters, you can choose the duck decoy and place it in such a way that it all seems natural. You don’t have to worry about the type of material they are made of as they are painted in various shades of colors which means you can totally ignore the material type. Set the duck decoys forty yards away from your position and still be in the range of shooting.

Hunting ducks is a fun game and it also makes you outdoor friendly. Follow the tips and you are ready to hunt the ducks without hassle.  


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